artwork in the round

The Onetest HR Workflow Model is one of my favourite corporate illustrations as it  brings together several design elements to convey an image easily. The client wanted to put together an image that their staff could use in presentations, as well as their marketing material in both print and web. I sat down with the client and they went over the criterial that had to be included and what information was nice to have but not entirely necessary. That is one of the hardest parts of marketing is the culling of information. People often believe that more is good, when sometimes it can backfire and people are just too busy to sit and read pages upon pages on why your company is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The illustration was heavily influenced by the companies branding. All four of their companies colour where used, along with the use of their company font.The corporate illustration can be broken down into 4 stages. The inner circle represents the tagline of the company with the three word: recruit, develop & retain. The next circle radiating outwards with all of the text is the employee life cycle. All of these portions belong to a certain steps of the process. To link these up I brought the corporate colours into this stage. That way you can use the colours to navigate your way around the diagram.

The third stage was the green and red bars that aligned to the second stage. They were there to indicate how much of that step Onetest was able to help you out with. This part was further described in the legend (not shown). The last stage was to describe the methodology that overlaid the existing framework and where each element fell into.

The use of arrows both inward and clockwise brought the viewers eye towards the idea that Onetest was a crucial part of your companies HR solutions. The use of shadows and gradients help give it a level of complexity.

It was used in sales meeting to be place in front of clients as a kind of map. When they would speak about the progress they could say  “Now we are here” It gave the customers a better understanding on how it all fits together. I have received great feedback from the client telling me it really helped their sales staff convey their message.


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