great looking icons

image of nehta style guide

Front cover for nehta style guide

When you need to convey a message in a glance you can not go past icons. These little graphical representations have been with us for 1000s of years from caveman drawings, to religious artefacts to little symbols on our webpages. How many times have you gone to a page to find a phone number to contact them, only to scan you eyes and focus on the little phone icon? Icons just make our life that little bit easier.

I have been designing icons for nehta for awhile now and have designed over  210 plus industry based icons depicting everything from beakers to doctors to x-rays. The client need a way to be able to flip through the icons to find out which one best suited their application. I composed a catalog of icons 22 page (and growing) document which also included the do’s and don’ts of icon usage.  For the front cover  illustration,  I wanted to give the client something to stand out. I composed the icons in a collage and gave it an ornamental background.

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