So what are you doing this weekend?

Sometimes you nail the design the first time, and sometimes you need to work into the weekend.

Ok let me set the scenario. So you just finished the layout of the 4 page brochure. You spent the time to visualise the layout. You set up the grid, you arranged the artwork so the reader can easily navigate the layout and are happy with the design. All is left now is to wait for confirmation from the client to be able to send the artwork to print. Then you get an email at 4:30pm on a Friday.

“We decided to go in a different direction for the inside spread of the brochure. Do you have time to create the illustration for us by Monday morning and resubmit it to us?”

Luckily for me the client decided to pretty much scrap the text and images from the inside two pages, except for the header across the top. After finding out the size limitations of where it had to go I proceed to create a corporate illustration of the Life Cycle of an Employee. The client had provided me with a hand drawn sketch of how the process work and it was up to me to convey it in a easy to understand graphic.  I created the graphic in Adobe Illustrator and using their branding style guide (a reference guide to a companies colour fonts and design elements), I was able to promote their companies presence with visual branding throughout the illustration. This is important to constantly use elements and colours to evolve your brand. How often do you see Powerpoint presentations that staff just grab images off the web? Often you can tell they “lifted” it off a competitors website. One time I saw a presenter use a graphic that had their competitor’s logo on the image, and they were using their selling points to sell their product!

Once the graphic was completed I dropped it into the layout of the brochure and emailed it to the client for approval once more. Other than a few text changes it was approved for printing. The best part of this was that I still managed to have Sunday with the family.


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