Stationery for the Financial Services industry

When I took on Summit Financial Services as a client they had already had the logo created. The designer who had originally created the artwork had decided to hang up her computer and mouse and call it a day. I then had to go in and update the logo. The font they had originally used was a condensed Swiss type font and just didn’t look the best. I changed the ¬†font and assigned them Pantone colours so from that point onwards we had a baseline to keep all of the colours the same. Their business cards were different from employee to employee and nothing remained consistent. After finalizing the logo, with the selection of the corporate font, then the colours, we went to work on the layout. Since their name was “Summit” we decided to make the business cards vertical to reflect that they were vertical thinking. We gave the backs of the cards the exact same background which listed out their services.

Once the business cards were complete we went to work on the rest of the stationery. The Complimentary Slips were designed to reflect the business cards, but we chose to make them horizontal to keep it traditional. With the letterheads we removed the watermark, by request from the client to keep the main portion of the page clutter free. Now the client has a uniform looking stationery and when we do additional marketing for web, advertisements and so forth, we make sure that it all fits into their corporate branding.

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