We’re Back! version 3.0+

Welcome one and all. Floating Mountain Design has returned with a new website to showcase all of our hidden (and not so hidden) talents.  As a small graphic/ web design studio we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best quality of service possible.  We have created a new interactive website with access to all of our favourite social media site so you can let the world know when you like something. The distinction from this website and ones in the past is that, the one you are reading now is based off the WordPress engine. In the past my websites have been created from scratch (basic HTML) and have used the Joomla content management system (CMS) With Google being so popular and so trusted within a business, you need to be constantly updating your website in order for it to be ranked higher than you competitors.

Choosing WordPress was easy for a few reasons:

  1. Ease of use – the ability to upload a blog whenever you want was great, and with smartphone apps, you can pretty much do it anywhere
  2. It’s flexiable to coding, add as many tools as you want to adapt to your business’s growth
  3. Customisable –  to your companies branding
  4. Interactive – with links to social media to promote images and ideas
  5. Updates for browser compatibility – face it technology is growing faster than most of us can keep up, they do it for you.
  6. and most of all its free.

With these features it was easy to choose WordPress over other CMS (both free and bought) We kept the portfolio galleries individual, which allows people to find exactly what they were after. Some designers tend to put their portfolios in broad umbrella categories, meaning they will have logo development, stationery design, illustration, and others in one section.  This forces the viewer to search around like a child on Easter morning. Since people are usually time poor, we kept the portfolio easy to move around, but still gave them information if they were interested. *If you are time poor, thank you for reading this. – Management

So have a search around the site. Check out the blog entries. Read the history of the pieces, and leave a comment if you want. As you can see the site is still in progress and we plan to update constantly (thank you google).  Make sure you check out our Facebook page here, and click the “like” button.

Thank you.

Greg Curtis

Owner of Floating Mountain Design

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